The USA Suits is the Brand you can trust for your online shopping that leads by the example of its significant policies that help us serve our customers like you better. The following guidelines are for your better benefit while shopping here.

This Privacy Policy is put forward for your safe and secure purchases while building mutual respect and loyalty between you (the customer) and The USA Suits. If you have any questions regarding anything while shopping here, here are our FAQs to guide you about our Privacy Policy and the measure we ensure your safety.

Why we require your information?

We require your information if you buy anything from our store online. In this case, we gather globally legible information like your demographics, legal name, valid email address, desired delivery destination, postal address, and valid phone number during making a purchase or signing up for our newsletter. However, we still give you access to our store privately, meaning you are not required to sign up.

Why we collect your data/info?

To improve our user experience and our online platform via the website. We use your feedback and response to improve our products and services.

To improve our customer service and tell you that we do not transfer, sell, exchange, or give your sensitive data/info to third parties. Although, without your consent, we may provide some of your essential info/data, i.e., the mailing address and your phone number, to the courier department to ship you the products you have bought here.

What do we do to protect your data/info?

We protect your personal information by implementing various security best practices. When you visit our website or submit your sensitive data while logging in or signing up, we ensure its security. How we do it? We do it by using a secure server to protect your transactions. The transfer of your sensitive information, i.e., credit card number or PayPal account, is acquired through SSL (Secure Server Layer) and is then encrypted and protected through suppliers database’s payment gateway. They protect your info/data, and they have access to the details you give to complete the transactions.

Once a transaction is completed, we do not store your personally identifiable info/data (your social security number, your credit card PIN, etc.). However, we save your tiny bit of data, i.e., email, mailing address, and other preferences like your ordering history (in unique authorized systems), to help you retrieve your purchase details to buy something else again.

Do we use cookies to help you load our website with greater ease?

Of course, we utilize the power of cookies to give you a fabulous experience and deliver you the best services we can provide. You may know that Cookies are minute bits of files saved on your web browser (if you permitted it in the first place); these tiny bits of files enable us to identify you when you revisit our website to serve you better. We can easily recall your browser behavior and retrieve your necessary information/data due to these files.

Meaning that these cookies enable retrieving your last visit and helping you continue your shopping journeys, i.e., in-cart items and future shopping preferences.

Do we sell your data/info to third parties?

We do not and will not sell your data/info, i.e., your email address, mailing addresses, credit cards number, or any other sensitive info/data. We may exchange your unidentifiable usage experience with our trusted third parties for secure marketing and advertisement purposes.

Do we comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act?

Yes, we comply with COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act). We ensure you that we neither collect data nor trade with kids under 13 years on our server. Our website, services, and products are for people more than 13 years of their age.

Does this policy apply everywhere on this website?

Yes, this policy applies to all the information we collect online through our server and website. However, this policy doesn’t apply to our offline information gathering.

How do you receive my consent?

When you visit our website, you are intentionally giving your expressed consent to agree with our privacy policies and our information handling processes.

How can you reach us for more information?

You can reach us through our Email, Whatsapp /Live Chat, or directly on our Facebook pages. If there were any losses, liabilities, damages, and expenses arising out of your use of this website, you can contact our customer care via the contact as mentioned earlier channels.

What else do you need to know?

If you are interested in the benefits of shopping with The USA Suits, we recommend that you read our policies carefully. The USA Suits invested in making your shopping easy by accepting PayPal and credit cards with an online secure transaction service to order anything that we offer on our website.