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Squid Game Outfits

Squid Game is a South Korean survival drama series on Netflix, written and directed by Hwang Dong-Hyuk. The series consists of nine episodes starring Lee Jung-Jae, Park Hae-soo, and Wi Ha-Joon tells a story of a group of people who risk their lives in a mysterious survival game to win a grand prize.

The game has four hundred and fifty-six people who have all struggled financially in life to pay off their debts and to take care of their life affairs are invited to play mysterious childish games with deadly twists.

The main characters of the Squid game who compete till the end are Lee Jung-Jae as Seong Gi-hun. A chauffeur and a gambling addict, he lives with his mother and struggles to financially support his daughter. He participates in a game as no 456 to settle his debts. On the other hand the head of the investment team at a securities company Park Hae-soo as Sang-woo. He was a gifted student who entered Seoul  National University but is now wanted by the police for stealing his clients’ money.

A North Korean defector  HoYeon Jung as Kang Sae-Byeok who enters the game to pay for a broker who can find and retrieve her family. She has her brother living in the children’s care center.

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At first, we have a Squid Game Frontman Jacket that holds all the horror and is manufactured from leather material, the inside is made with viscose lining, attached hood, snap-tab button closure, open hem cuffs, and two side pockets. Next, we have a squid game green jacket that is trendy and made up of cotton, stand-up collar style, zippered closure, rib-knitted cuffs, and two side pockets.

All four hundred fifty-six players wear a T-shirt and jackets that have their number imprinted on them so this way they can be easily recognized.

Moving on, we have one of the most wanted and one of the best ‘Halloween Costume’ Squid Game Guard jumpsuit that holds all the power to make you look extremely terrifying yet so good! The jumpsuit is made up of cotton, an attached hood, zippered closure, rib-knitted cuffs, two side pockets, and one on the chest.

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