You may have heard that in a suit, you have way too many options for colour and that when you opt for a tux, you are stuck with just this one option of getting a traditional black tux. Well, to be completely honest with you, if we were to be talking about this several decades ago, we would have agreed with you. However, since we are living in a modern age, we can say with proud that tuxedos are now available in more than just one colour. We would still agree to the fact that nothing beats a classic black Tux and its aura. However, when you check several other colours, like midnight blue, you realize that it can look as charming in that colour as it looks in black. So, if you are one of those people that like to try something new and who do not get afraid of change, you can take a look at these Tuxedos by colour and see for yourself how amazingly classic, traditional and modern at the same time this collection of Tuxedos is.