How to Combine My Tuxedo with My Prom Partner’s Dress?

Prom is a crucial day for every girl. From deciding your date to picking the perfect dress and being your perfect self, everything needs to be up to date. However, it is not just the girl who needs to think about her dress but also her date. The rationale behind it is simple, you can think that since you are a boy, you can wear anything and get dressed in the blink of an eye, but if you have a date for prom, she would probably not approve of this behavior or would at least not expect you to be least bothered about your attire. Even if you have decided to wear a tux, you really need to know how to wear a tuxedo on the prom in order to give your best. Well, if you are confused about the process, let’s just say all you need to learn right now is how to combine your tuxedo with your prom partner’s dress and that is exactly what we will be elaborating on in this blog for you!

All you need to do is follow some basic steps and you will succeed in not only looking perfect and coordinated but will also be able to make your partner feel precious! So, go through there steps and make sure you follow them religiously to make this one night memorable not just for you but for her as well:

  1. Wait for the right time: the very first and foremost rule when it comes to getting your outfit is that you need to wait for the right time. Well, you may wonder what exactly the right time is and how would you know about it. The answer is simply the fact that you should only go for tuxedo shopping once your partner confirms that she has selected her dress. Adding on to that, we would suggest that you keep taking updates on how your partner’s shopping is going so that you know when she is done. Also, don’t worry about the fact that you may get late, a prom dress is very special, and your date probably would prefer getting it weeks before the prom, so you are good to go!
  2. Renting details: ideally, it is advised to rent a tuxedo rather than buying one especially for a prom. The reason is simple; you don’t know when you will wear it again, since you are getting it for prom, you wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on just one tux that early, and lastly the fact that if you go to a good rental store, you have way too many options for coordinating your dress and it will be easier for you this way. Well, once you have decided to rent a tux, make sure that the store specializes in matching tuxedos so that you can be relaxed about that!
  3. Ask your partner to accompany you: as we have already stressed enough the fact that how important this day is, your date would love to come with you for tuxedo shopping. This has certain advantages: firstly, she can bring the sample of the dress she has selected so that matching doesn’t become an issue, if that is not possible, you can ask her to take a picture of the dress and since she would be with you, she can see for herself if the shade is fine or not. Also, now that she has seen your tux herself, it wouldn’t be an issue later and you would be wearing something that she approves of which is also necessary.
  4. The vest and the tie: usually, for a prom, we would suggest that you go with a vest rather than a cummerbund as that can be extremely formal. In either way, you need to color coordinate your vest and your bowtie with the color of your partner’s dress. While we do agree that we have a lot of options available for tuxedo colors as well, for a prom though, you have to wear a black tux along with a white tuxedo shirt and only the other accessories are to be color-coordinated with the dress. Plus, while the shade of the dress’s color doesn’t have to be exactly the same, we would prefer that you don’t go for a completely different shade as well.
  5. What if you can’t decide: to end this guide on how to wear a tuxedo on prom and the color coordination, for those of you who are unable to decide a color shade and are confused because you don’t think it will really match with your partner’s dress, just go with the classic black as this is one color which coordinates with any color that your date could possibly wear!