Whenever we hear something about tuxedos, the first few characters that come to mind are definitely James Bond or Batman. There have been various number of celebrities who have walked the red carpet or played a role in their movies while looking stunning in their tux. This is also one of the reasons why we always want a tux in our wardrobe. However, we think that if you are also inspired by all these celebrities who completely own their look in tuxedos, instead of getting a regular style, you should definitely go for a celebrity tuxedo! You might be thinking that it is not that easy and that getting the exact same designs being made for you might cost a bit too much, but this is not the case. Trust us on this, you can still have a tux which looks exactly like the one that your favourite character was wearing in that favourite movie of yours and that too at a fairly reasonable price. If you still can’t believe it, go through this list of Tuxedos of celebrities and see for yourself how everything is possible if you are determined enough to find the right thing at the right place!